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diabetes educator in latin america

Diabetes educators play a pivotal role in diabetes education by providing accurate information, promoting self-management strategies, and combating stigma and misinformation.
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Sofie Schunk running.

Meet Sofie Schunk, a runner with type 1 diabetes who qualified for the US 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials, as she shares insights on training for a marathon.
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couple's hand linking pinky fingers

Sexual dysfunction can affect relationships and treatment outcomes, even impacting social interactions and mental health.
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flood disaster scene in asia

Natural and human-made disasters can cause widespread and long-lasting impacts on supplies, services and healthcare systems, exceeding local authorities' day-to-day capacity.
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Diabetes in pregnancy affects approximately one in six pregnancies — or 21 million women worldwide who are affected by hyperglycaemia.

Diabetes in pregnancy can impact women worldwide, with the latest estimates suggesting that approximately one in six pregnancies are affected by hyperglycaemia.
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  • Coronavirus visual
    News in brief
    COVID-19 and diabetes
    The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared an international public health emergency. People with diabet...
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  • Unhappy woman sweating suffering a heat stroke
    Living with diabetes
    Heat and diabetes are a dangerous combination
    People with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes feel the heat more than people who don’t have diabetes. ...
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  • Jessica Apple in her kitchen
    Living with diabetes
    LADA and life after bagels: a low-carb journey
    Jessica Apple was diagnosed with LADA at the age of 35. Together with her husband Mike, she has emba...
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  • Insulin being drawn from a vial
    Caring for diabetes
    How insulin storage, use and lifespan affect your safety
    While the insulin affordability crisis has opened up discussion about right to care and treatment, i...
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