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Children in India using the KiDS educational resources

For many children living with diabetes and their families, lack of diabetes awareness is the primary issue faced at school.
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Close up man hand with dry itchy skin conditions

People living with psoriatic disease are twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Why is this happening and is there anything that can be done about it?
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Bottle of insulin in wooden box

2021 marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin. Dr Richard Beaser describes the events that unfolded in Toronto in 1921 and some of the significant developments in diabetes care that have occurred since then.
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Charles Best and Frederick Banting

The International Diabetes Federation is leading a three-year World Diabetes Day campaign to improve access to diabetes care and highlight the need for increased action to prevent diabetes and its complications
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young adult africa

Although Africa has not been hit as hard by COVID-19 as many feared it would, the impact of the virus has been overwhelming for many communities.
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  • Coronavirus visual
    News in brief
    COVID-19 and diabetes
    The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared an international public health emergency. People with diabet...
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  • Jessica Apple in her kitchen
    Living with diabetes
    LADA and life after bagels: a low-carb journey
    Jessica Apple was diagnosed with LADA at the age of 35. Together with her husband Mike, she has emba...
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  • Muhammad Ali
    Living with diabetes
    Fighting for the freedom to compete
    Muhammad Ali made history on September 15, 2018, becoming the first UK boxer with type 1 diabetes to...
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  • Nicole Smith-Holt protest high cost of insulin
    Advocating for diabetes
    Alec’s Story: when the high cost of insulin destroys lives
    There’s a reason why insulin affordability matters to Nicole Smith-Holt. In 2017, Nicole’s adult son...
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