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healthy food

GI is a measure of how quickly the food ingested raises blood glucose levels after eating.
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Mature man doing squats at home

Daily physical activity is an integral part of diabetes management. COVID-19 restrictions in place in many countries has made exercising at home increasingly common.
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Service dog

Diabetes Assist” or “Alert Dogs” can help people with diabetes have a greater sense of comfort and stability.
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Mature couple exercising

Sarcopenia is a common and progressive skeletal muscle condition associated with an increased risk of falls, fractures and physical disability.
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Diabetes Football Community team picture

Football can be an unforgiving sport. One community is helping people with diabetes to overcome the challenges and achieve their personal goals.
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  • Coronavirus visual
    News in brief
    COVID-19 and diabetes
    The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared an international public health emergency. People with diabet...
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  • Jessica Apple in her kitchen
    Living with diabetes
    LADA and life after bagels: a low-carb journey
    Jessica Apple was diagnosed with LADA at the age of 35. Together with her husband Mike, she has emba...
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  • Muhammad Ali
    Living with diabetes
    Fighting for the freedom to compete
    Muhammad Ali made history on September 15, 2018, becoming the first UK boxer with type 1 diabetes to...
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  • Nicole Smith-Holt protest high cost of insulin
    Advocating for diabetes
    Alec’s Story: when the high cost of insulin destroys lives
    There’s a reason why insulin affordability matters to Nicole Smith-Holt. In 2017, Nicole’s adult son...
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