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It is our pleasure to WELCOME you to the new online Diabetes Voice. For the past 6 months, our team has been hard at work building an all-digital global publication targeted for a highly mobile audience —IDF Members and partners, healthcare professionals, diabetes stakeholders, and most importantly, all people worldwide who are personally affected by diabetes. We are the only global publication dedicated to diabetes and we represent a diverse community, full of expression and language, cultures and experiences.

When Diabetes Voice speaks it reflects the hard work we all do: the discipline, the persistence, the never-giving-up on challenges that define our daily lives. We know time is valuable and Diabetes Voice provides a variety of authentic news reports so you can be informed, educated and inspired. We all are connected by our desire to learn about new science, treatments, and possibilities; and to hear how others advocate, teach, and help so maybe we can be a part of change, too. Our shared stories and experiences help our voices become louder and more powerful so we can stand up to myths, misperceptions, stigma and discrimination. Our voices speak for those who cannot, and together, we are more powerful.

Fittingly, our first online theme focuses on the impact of family on diabetes, which shines through our cover feature. We meet Layla, a seven-year old diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a toddler, who today speaks out with her mom- in front of audiences across the USA. How is diabetes reflected in art? Meet Appleton, an extraordinary artist living with type 1 diabetes, who uses fascinating imagery to shock or bewilder. He does this in part to honor his sister who died as a child of DKA, and in part to build a stronger community for people who live with diabetes today.

As we await the UN’s statement on the control and prevention of NCDs worldwide, learn why the campaign message Time to Deliver is critically important for our future, and what we heard from stakeholders at the July UN Interactive Hearing on NCDs.

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2018/2019 is The Family and Diabetes —one way or another diabetes concerns every family worldwide. Learn how family support is imperative for people with diabetes and how talking with family members can help.

Socially inequality is a subject we all need to understand when it comes to medical and self-care of diabetes – all types. There are extreme global gaps in access that lead to needless suffering and often, early death. As a community, we must unite and help one another. Hear about one mother who tragically lost her son because he couldn’t afford to buy his lifesaving insulin and how today she is advocating for affordable insulin. Watch our video focused on the life-story of a young girl with type 1 diabetes in Bolivia who lives life right on the edge unable to afford diabetes care and tasked with caring for her very sick mother. We also travel with Graham Ogle to Ethiopia and hear about the kinds of things the IDF Life for a Child program is doing to improve lives there.

Reporting on advances, studies and initiatives is key to Diabetes Voice so you, the audience, are informed. Learn about new initiatives on hypoglycemia, why current standards in diabetes screening aren’t working, new strategies for treatment and what risk factors for diabetes, such as air pollution, are impacting increases worldwide. Find out about new advances in diabetes technology, and why nutrition is meaningful to all people living with diabetes.

We are a global family where people, young and old, of different cultures, share their journey with diabetes. This enriching diversity is a great opportunity for all. We are united by our challenges and achievements and by a strong desire to invest in ourselves and our communities for a better future and for healthier future generations to come. is an initiative of the International Diabetes Federation and as such, we have developed content specially designed for you: thought provoking, action driven and relevant. It’s interactive and engaging, and we hope you’ll use your own voice to contribute when you have something important to say.

Remember it takes only one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche and that voice could be yours!

We are a global family where people, young and old, of different cultures, share their journey with diabetes.


Dr Douglas Villarroel is Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Voice


Elizabeth Snouffer is Editor of Diabetes Voice

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