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One of the major aims of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is to reduce the impact of complications arising from diabetes. To this end, IDF is working hard in the area of self-management education for people who live with diabetes and their families, and professional education for nurses, educators, and physicians.

As a part of this objective and to reflect the importance of continuing education, in 2016-2017 IDF agreed to organize a series of biennial congresses focused on diabetes complications. The first IDF Diabetes Complications Congress 2018 will take place in Hyderabad, India on 24-27 October 2018.

IDF chose India as the setting for the first congress in the series many important reasons. Today, India is home to the second largest diabetes population worldwide – with 72.9 million adults (20-79 years) living with diabetes in 2017. By 2045, the country is projected to overtake China as the country with the largest number of estimated adults living with diabetes (134.3 million).

Managing diabetes in India is a multi-faceted challenge due to the high risk population, young age of onset, low levels of diabetes awareness, insufficient medical training for healthcare professionals and lack of affordable access to medicine and treatment. Most of India’s challenges in diabetes care and treatment are also common to a number of low-and middle-income countries and therefore, any new ideas or solutions can be replicated.

There is a critical urgency in India to increase awareness of diabetes and associated complications among healthcare professionals to promote screening and early diagnosis and improve health outcomes to save lives.

The IDF Diabetes Complications Congress 2018 will address all complications of diabetes and focus on:

  • Diabetic foot, one of the most common and feared complications of diabetes. Foot ulceration is the most frequently recognized complication, estimated to affect up to 26 million people with diabetes worldwide. The scientific programme Hyderabad will cover topics such as ulcers and infection, neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for over one-third of all deaths among people with diabetes. Topics covered in the scientific programme will include risk factors and Coronary Heart Disease, and heart failure.
  • Diabetic eye disease, kidney complications and diabetes in pregnancy will be addressed to facilitate essential orientation for all healthcare professionals to make early detection and early referral to specialized centers.

Each programme area will have a wide range of topics from essential and simple prevention up to the most recent and advanced treatments.

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