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The IDF Congress 2019 is convening from 2-6 December at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) in Busan, Korea. Busan is Korea’s second most populous city and the economic, cultural and educational centre of south-eastern Korea. With great excitement and enthusiasm, the international diabetes community will gather to help shape the future of diabetes care, prevention and treatment.

Every IDF Congress builds on the learnings and experiences of previous congresses while also exploring new areas in diabetes research, education and public health. Through innovative, diverse and engaging satellite symposia, lectures, debates, interactive discussions, and exhibitions, the IDF Congress hosts a scientific programme comprised of eight streams.

The Epidemiology and Public Health stream focuses on global trends in the burden of diabetes and its complications, new developments in the identification of risk factors, and public health approaches for prevention of type 2 diabetes. IDF President, Prof. Nam H. Cho, will give the introduction to a symposium on the IDF Diabetes Atlas 9th edition 2019. Jonathan Shaw of Australia and Stéphane Besançon of Mali will chair a symposium entitled, “Diabetes in low and middle-income countries: Prevention, care and cost-effectiveness.” Juliana Chan of Hong Kong is giving the IDF Award Lecture for Epidemiology and Public Health entitled, “Diabetes and noncommunicable disease – where personal and public health meets”.

Diabetes in Society and Culture, led by Kun-Ho Yoon of Korea along with Douglas Villarroel of Bolivia, will provide information related to the vulnerability of diabetes in different ethnicities, societies and cultures and how these impact prevention and management strategies. Edward J Boyko of the US will moderate a panel discussion entitled, “Effects of cultural, social and economic transitions and diabetes prevalence across continents”. Douglas Villarroel and Kyung Mook Choi of South Korea will participate in a debate, “Do online social networks help people with diabetes?” Wayne H-H Sheu of Taiwan will give the IDF Award Lecture speaking on “Challenges in promoting diabetes care in aging society and diverse populations”.

Led by Renza Scibilia of Australia, the Living with Diabetes Stream, provides insight into the perspective, day-to-day challenges and successes of the person with diabetes. This very popular stream will include a symposium on “Ages and stages of living with type 1 diabetes” and “Getting it right at school” a symposium of a father and primary school student (daughter) team discussing the rigors of diabetes in the classroom and athletic field. In addition, Deborah Greenwood of the US will chair a session on the global diabetes language movement. Manny Hernandez will give the IDF Award Lecture, Living with Diabetes and talk about his illustrious journey.

Every IDF Congress builds on the learnings and experiences of previous congresses while also exploring new areas in diabetes research, education and public health.

Ronald Ma from Hong Kong leads the Diabetes and Women stream, focusing on all aspects relating to hyperglycemia in pregnancy including diabetes complicating pregnancy as well as gestational diabetes. Updates on the epidemiology, diagnosis and latest management of hyperglycaemia in pregnancy, impact of maternal obesity, diabetes and reproduction, the short-term and long-term complications for mother and offspring and public health impact and socio-economic considerations, will also feature. David McIntyre of Australia will give the IDF Award, Diabetes and Women entitled, “Hyperglycemia in pregnancy and women’s health in the 21st century: Global challenges and local solutions”.

The Clinical and Therapeutic Research stream, led by Raimund Weitgasser, from Austria, deals with recent progress in clinical diabetology with the focus on lifestyle, medication and technology for improvement of diabetes care. Updates are provided on insulin pump treatments and closed loops, and CGMs with emphasis on current trends. Discussions on SGLT inhibitors, prediabetes, hypertension treatment and lifestyle modification will also be offered. Per-Henrik Groop of Germany will give the IDF Award Lecture for Clinical and Therapeutic Research and speak on “Diabetic nephropathy – environment or genes?”.

Diabetes Complications and Comorbidities deals with the basic and clinical science of diabetic complications including the latest research on causes of complications, prevention strategies, and treatments. Adel El Sayed of Egypt led the committee for this programme. The IDF Award for Diabetes Complications and Comorbidities will be delivered by Takashi Kadowaki of Japan who will speak on, “Elucidation of roles of insulin resistance and decreased adiponectin action in type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications and development of their therapeutic strategy”.

Young-Bum Kim of the US leads the Basic and Translational Science stream which deals with recent progress in both basic and translational diabetes research and focuses on the latest advances that are linked to the development of diabetes. Hot topic symposium on Microbiota and diabetes comorbidities will feature links between gut microbiome and glucose control as well as the DPP-4 inhibitor. Philipp Scherer of the US will give the IDF Award for Basic and Translational science speaking on “Diabetes – Defining the contributions of adipokines to metabolic dysfunction”.

The Education and Integrated Care stream under the leadership of Sue McLaughlin of the USA presents cutting-edge research and clinical practice approaches, tools, and methods in diabetes care, education, and support from around the world. Ms. McLaughlin gives a workshop on Tuesday, September 3rd entitled, “Determining needs for your country – Conducting a SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) activity.” Edwin Fisher of the US will deliver the IDF Award Lecture on “Peer support in diabetes care: growth, benefits, constructive disruption, and future directions”.

Thank you to all members of the Organising Committee: Chair, Moon-Kyu Lee, Deputy Chair, Soo Lim of Korea and Edward J. Boyko, USA; Kyoung Soo Park, Korea; and Linong Ji, China. In addition, a special mention and thank you to Edward J. Boyko who has also devoted much of his valuable time to Chairing the Programme Committee. Congratulations to all recipients of the IDF Award Lectures.

Safe journey to all!


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